Press excerpts

Jack Van Poll 80“His playing has a tight bounce and muscular wit that cracks open the clichés encasing some of the standards, he makes them sound fresh as if he had just discovered them.”
Regina Hackett, Seattle Post Intellinger.

“Jack van Poll s’est montré digne de son compère Red Mitchell, ce qui n’est pas a la portée du premier venu.”
Paul Benkimoun, Jazz Magazine

“What a great day in my book, for musicianship, performance and feeling for fellow artist. Jack is top of the Poll.”
Peter Everett, Evening Herald, Port Elisabeth

“Tirons lui tout de suite un grand coup de chapeau, Jack van Poll a conquis ses lauriers avec une mention particulièrement brillante.”
Carlos De Raditzky. L’Express

Jack van Poll“Im modernen Still belegt Jack van Poll unangefochten den ersten Platz. Technisch wie musikalisch, verflochten mit einer Fulle eigener Ideen, war er der herausragende moderne Solist.”
Hans Albrecht Pitzke, Rheinische Post

Ons lijkt het bepaald geen appetijtelijke combinatie, maar pianist Jack Van Poll is dus een Antwerpse Nederlander. Breeddenkend als we zijn, zetten we onze vooroordelen tegenover zowel Sinjoren als Noorderburen even opzij, en dan moeten we toegeven dat de man meer dan behoorlijke adelbrieven kan voorleggen.
ZONE O9, Gent


“Veel klassieke fossielen blijven onze muziek “een jazzke” noemen. Zolang die lui onze conservatoria besturen, komen we er nooit!” Nee, de titel van VN-onderhandelaar in Afghanistan zal de Nederbelg Jack van Poll nooit krijgen. Maar wel iets anders: de Nederlandse Koningin Beatrix sloeg de Jazzpianist tot ridder In de orde van Oranje Nassau vanwege zijn verdiensten voor de Nederlandse Jazz.
(de Knack 7/10/2009. Bart Cornand)

Jack Van Poll has been a steady factor in the Dutch jazz scene for five decades now.
His album “Hi Jackin'” on Phillips (1968) has for a long time been Rainer Truby’s best kept secret in his dj-sets all over the world, because on thgis album the Fender Rhodes sound that characterizes the work of Kruder & Dorfmeister is ubiquitous.
Van Poll, born in 1934 in Roosendaal, saw this album as a one-time experiment. None of his other albums fit the rare groove concept, though his achievements in jazz circles as a keyboardist, composer & bandleader are unmistakable.

“Dutch pianist Jack van Poll is a boisterous soloist with a straightforward approach, retaining the original colours within the mainstream concept of his playing.”
John S. Wilson, The New York Times

Jack van PollThe first time I saw him play I thought, “This is my guy.” He had this Oscar Peterson-style going, and I resonated with it. I also had a weird connection with him, even before meeting him. I walked by a practice room one day, and he was rehearsing with a vocal group. So I knocked on the door and said, “Do you mind if I sit in and listen for a bit?” And he said, “Yeah, of course! Sit down!” And I sat there, completely blown away by what he was doing. He looked at me and said, “Who are you man?” And I said, “My name is Jason, maybe you’d have heard of my father, Bobby Gien?” And he said “Bobby Gien? Oh, I recorded with that cat! Are you his son?” He gave me an LP that he recorded with my dad back in the day, and he asked me, “How are you doing here, man? How’s the jazz course going?” I said that I wasn’t studying jazz, and he said, “What are you talking about?” He was an inspiration to me, because he led an incredible life. I went to his house and realized that he was a jazz muso who was travelling the world and loving what he was doing. It completely turned my whole impression upside down, and after that I started the jazz course.
Jason Reolon: Raising the Bar

“I had to look twice before I believed this Dutch cat was white.”
Dizzy Gillespie.